Droid Apps

I love iphone music apps as evidenced by the EP Touch. However when it came time to buy a smart phone to keep up with my verbose texting friends, I ended up with an Android. I didn’t want to be locked into a proprietary system, particularly after having spent $40 on an iPod video cable after Apple pushed out an OS upgrade that rendered aftermarket video adaptors useless. I also found the call quality of conversations with iPhone friends to be cringe-inducing as well.

Although I love being able to carry around a spare battery and load an SD card into my phone, the quality and selection of droid music apps still lags behind iPhone offerings. But the gap has narrowed as evidenced by this recent selection of droid apps. My favourites so far are Single Cell Software’s Caustic and Mikrosonic’s SPC.

Caustic is a step and song programming app reminiscent of Propellerhead’s Reason that features a beatbox, two 303 style bassline generators, 2 synths, and a virtual analog subsynth. The built in sequencer allows you to place the patterns created in the beatbox and basses into a timeline, and then step program the synths. The mixer section provides delay and reverb sends, as well as FX inserts that include flange and phaser. One feature missing from droid apps is the intuitive pinch-zoom of the iPhone, but Caustic makes great use of easy to get to, minimalist screens to minimize the desire to enlarge the display, and you can zoom on the timeline pretty readily. Here is a doodle:

Mikrosonic SPC is a loop player with 16 pads. You can import samples via an SD card, grooves from their addictive 303-style RD3 app or third-party scenes downloaded from their site. Samples can be assigned to a keyboard or step programmer, looped or set as one-shot. Related phrases can be set to toggle. Samples can be sliced and diced. It is colorful, intuitive, complex and fun. I have it on my bucket list to make some scenes! But in the meantime I am having fun deconstructing the ones available at Mikrosonic..