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  1. Hi all , my name is Georgette , and im on here after comming arsocs the forum on the internet . I am a very very new 23 year old singer / songwriter in leeds and im hoping that all you experinced folkies will direct me with your wealth of experince ! I’ve been playing guitar for 4 months , and as you can guess that isnt really long enough to sound any good ! fortunatly i have two guitarist that acompany me who are fab !I very new on the scene , like in the last two months ! but so far i have achevied , a live stream podcast interview- in the area finals of a national competition ( prize a330.000 investment and a record deal) 2 radio acoustic sessions another 3 booked for next year , a acoustic tour in leeds in march and ive just recorded my debut E.P plus the gigs im doing too ive been a busy bee !!!I was brought up on Jazz and spent every childhood holiday at Broadstairs Folk Festival right up until the age of 16 and i think thats has influenced me.Since im a real newbie to all this theres loads of things im unsure of and im hoping to get some advice xGeorgie .

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