Exciting New Gear Part 1

An evening of hunching over my laptop during a gig sent me on a search for a computer stand to help my posture, which led to one of the most practical yet exciting gear expenditures I have made this decade. Although the name itself was reason enough to justify its purchase, the Stanton Uberstand has become an indispensable part of my rig. It elevates the laptop to eye level, provides a shelf for an audio interface, and makes room for a midi controller below. With the resulting tabletop space I can monitor my Petcam via my netbook. The Uberstand folds into its own nylon bag for easy transport. The only drawback is that a cable tie is required to keep the shelf from toppling over. The solid metal construction nevertheless conveys stability. I consider the Uberstand a must-have for the laptop musician–the $79 price tag is much less than a bill from the chiropractor!