Getting My Groove Back!

This year has been a bit tumultuous to say the least! Over the summer I ended up buying a coop unit in Silver Spring. I never thought home ownership would be within reach for me in the DC-metro area. The place is modest but I have two bedrooms now so instead of taking over the living room, my studio occupies what used to literally be a crib room.

I decided to wrap up the project I was working on and take a musical break to focus on packing and the onerous mortgage application process. I actually did not miss music as much as I thought I would, because I had decorating as a creative outlet. Who has time to ponder musical ideas while contemplating window treatments? And I also took on a few music projects such as working with droid music apps and looper apps for bass to ease the withdrawal.

It can be a little intimidating to look at the blank canvas again, but I fortunately have had some cool plug-ins from, de la mancha, and HG Fortune to inspire me. The next CD is going to feature a few songs, the byproduct of processing some of the negative experiences of this year–much cheaper than therapy! I am also using some guitar loops from Cystem and working in some of my droid app doodles from my metro commute. It feels good to be back into it!

Below is a video of the wall of LED lights in the music room–a cheap impulse purchase on ebay that has really helped the ambiance along with the silver accent wall.