Good Luck With That!

This has not been a good week for me on the digital discography front. First of all, an artist I remixed a few years ago has requested I taker her remixes down from iTunes, which has led to the unfortunate discovery that it is harder to remove tracks than it is to submit them. And even more difficult is trying to sell stuff at a discount! I see that iTunes is listing my new release Touch as an album and not a single which means the price is 10x what I intended. I have written e-mails to two vendors to sort this stuff out. In the meantime, you can get Touch, a 30 minute mp3 file created on iPhone apps, for $1 at tradebit. Read more here. Promo video excerpt below. i am hoping to do a release party in March. Stay tuned for details.

UPDATE: Apparently iTunes prices any track longer than 10 minutes as an album. And I have to take down Pursuit of Happiness and re-release it as opposed to just being able to remove the remixes. I’ve added a bonus track and it is being remastered as I type.