Happy New Year! Latest Release!

The latest EP, Spectrum, is out now! I have less time than I would like to work on music at home so most of this was created on mobile devices during my daily commute from Maryland to downtown Washington DC via metrorail.

I used the android apps Caustic and RD4 Groovebox and a few iPad apps such as Tabletop and Rhythm Studio to generate loops that I later arranged in Reaper.

I also threw in loops from basement jams with The Window Shoppers and live performances by Lisa Moscatiello.


Thankfully I cleaned out my spam filter and found a message from remixer extraordinaire Larry Poulton asking if I had stems. Do I have stems!! And I *love* being deconstructed. The results are stunning:

Broader Spectrum

The next gig is Saturday 27 February 2016 at Electric Maid in Takoma Park. Details to follow. I hope everyone has a safe and happy 2016!