Life Comes at You Fast!

It is that time of year again!! I have a new CD, “Special When Lit.” it is influenced by the usual suspects: women, booze, and ennui, and is the first CD I have recorded in my new studio, which used to be a baby’s crib room.

Back in the day when I was using the on-board sequencer of an M1 keyboard and recording samples from a portable CD player to a 12-bit Roland hardware sampler it would take weeks for a track to come to fruition. However now that everything is self-contained on my PC the lapse between inspiration and execution has diminished to about the time it takes for me to blurt out something inappropriate at a staff meeting. So this CD pretty much captures the trials and tribulations of the past year almost in real time.

One of my favourite points in the process was when I was hunkered down for a couple of days in the path of hurricane Irene, alone with my two cats and a fridge full of beer. Despite the heavy winds my power miraculously stayed on while I maintained an online correspondence with VST plug-in developer extraordinaire Rurik from xoxos. He sent me inspiring synths that helped me move beyond the fear of creative erectile dysfunction brought on by staring at a blank project file.

I am also thrilled to have contributions by a team of talented people: Cystem, who brought a CD of guitar loops to one of my gigs; Upright bass player Jon Nazdin, who let me go over to his house to record his bass; Lisa Moscatiello who braved bathtub glazing fumes to record vocals at my apartment; and Heather Heimbuch who phoned in her vocals from Minnesota via google voice. This release would not have been possible were it not for the selfless, inspired contributions of music shareware developers such as H.G. Fortune, De La Mancha, and xoxos. You can get the release on CD or mp3 at cdbaby, and it is also available at itunes. Enjoy!

Special When Lit