May the Ohm Force Be with You!

I am about halfway to completing my next CD, which is a collection of remixes using loops from the Tapegerm Collective. Each new release is an opportunity to try out new shareware, and there are many VST developers bringing me much joy these days. One of them is Ohm Force out of Paris. Despite the fact their client list includes heavy hitters such as Trent Reznor and Martin Gore, their plug-ins are extremely affordable. I bought their Mobilohm phaser to support their efforts, but actually end up using their free filter Frohmage much more frequently.

Here is an example of the Frohmage “No Matter” preset, with the Cutoff Frequency and Resonance tweaked via midi controller:

And here is an example of the “Spra Cat” with the cutoff frequency tweaked real-time:

As if this isn’t enough reason to love them, they sign their receipts “Thanks, the Ohn Men (and their cat)” !!!