Blip interactive has already won the hearts of iPhone and iPod Touch users everywhere by creating the blissfully fun and feature-rich NanoStudio music app. Blip has blessed us further by being one of the first developers to add AKAI SynthStation support.

NanoStudio features 4 synths and 2 drum machines. Both synths and drum machines allow for the import of user-created samples. Patterns can be recorded in either real-time or step time via the sequencer. The transport bar allows the record function to be toggled on and off so you can easily practice parts before adding them.

The app is an intuitive delight to use! To try to write further about it almost ruins the magic. I will let my fumbling demo do the talking. This demo only scratches the surface of what this app can do–I didn’t even go into the effects mode. You can try out the app on your mac or pc before you get it from the app store.