Savage Bliss

Hell hath no fury!!! Ms. Arthur indulges her cock rock tendencies in throbbing tracks that sooth the burn of traumatic social encounters and occupational ennui. Features remixes of the 2 Skinnee J’s, Stave, and Bicycle Thieves.

  1. World Control (feat. Tapegerm)
  2. Ecstasy (feat. Tapegerm)
  3. You’re a Champion (2 Skinnee J’s Remixed By Alp)
  4. Motor City (Full Martyr Fashion Remix) (Mystified Remixed By Alp)
  5. Monument (Bicycle Thieves Remixed By Alp)
  6. Queen of the World
  7. Don’t Push (Stave Remixed By Alp)
  8. Freedom (feat. Tapegerm)
  9. Persona Non Grata
  10. Illusion (feat. Tapegerm)
  11. Savage Bliss
  12. Worst Place in the World (feat. Tapegerm)