I love DC!! The other night I went to a free DC Art Science Evening Rendezvous hosted by the National Academy of Sciences, which turns out to be located a few blocks from my day job. Four panelists discussed the intersection of art and science with respect to the space program. Greg Allen, a DC filmmaker and arts writer showed images of the space race he curated for a recent exhibit. Local architect and artist Alan Binstock showed glass works inspired by space. And two artists who work for Goddard discussed the process of working with scientists to transform massive amounts of data into compelling short films to inspire, educate, and generate interest in the space program (and hopefully encourage funding). Genna Duberstein, lead heliophysics multimedia producer at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, in Greenbelt, Maryland uses an artistic approach to team images of the sun with music. You can see some amazing videos at Goddard’s website. Michael Lentz, designer and animator of the Conceptual Image Lab of Goddard described how he has had to work with storyboard concepts from scientists that have been scrawled on brown paper bags. He is currently working on video simulations of travel on mars.

I use footage from NASA quite a bit in my videos, as shown below. The friends I went with had attended my planetarium gig and probably experienced some deja vu.

I love the space program! And i loved this event so much I decided to start giving a little each month to Penny4NASA, a non-profit organization that I learned about recently from an online advocacy vendor who came to the office to present a demo. Penny4NASA have a very convenient tool for modest sustainer giving via paypal. Since I work during the day for an organization that advocates for national park funding, I know firsthand how the battle for tax dollars, no matter how meaningful yet miniscule the expenditure requires constant vigilance!